Writing Portfolio

I am an accomplished writer and editor, an enthusiastic, highly motivated leader with a love for innovation, collaboration and difference-making communication. In my career, in addition to my own creative work, I have produced writing for thought-leadership campaigns, for corporate communications, for products, services and web sites and I have been a driving force in the conception, creation and management of multiple enterprise and small business web sites for my own businesses and clients.



A sampling of some of the business writing I produced while running my business and as a guest blogger and contributing writer to other publications.

Executive Thought-Leadership

Press and Corporate Communications

Guest Blogger – AIIM Social Business Community Blog

Guest Blogger – Human Capital Institute



Through my independent publishing company, Iron Twine Press, I have co-authored, edited, designed, published, distributed and marketed multiple books. I work closely with authors, serving as a narrative and story coach, a developmental editor, a ghost writer when necessary, a project manager, design lead, marketing writer and distribution strategist. I am author of all descriptive copy shown here.

Declaration: Stories – by Ethan Yarbrough, Chris Ray, Yvonne Mark, et al.

Led by Best American Short Stories alum Lyn Coffin, 11 fine writers declare their place in the literary scene with this anthology of diverse short stories. Presenting a wide-ranging look at the human experience, exemplifying the newest in flash fiction, experimental fiction, as well as traditional storytelling, whether you are an aspiring writer looking for inspiration, or simply a fan of a story well told, this anthology will be a welcome addition to your library.

The First Honeymoon – by Lyn Coffin, I edited, curated, managed design, and published this collection of short stories

In this extraordinary collection, Lyn Coffin writes with heart of longing and searching – for place, for connection, for love. Here, among these 17 stories, an artichoke reveals for a young bride the fault lines already dooming her new marriage; a mother makes final amends for telling an unwelcome truth about Christmas by telling a comforting lie about death; a young girl navigates the madness of her mother, the possible evil of her father and questions about her own state of mind; and we are treated to an inspired retelling of the classic Tortoise and the Hare fable. Coffin’s fictions cross boundaries; they are funny, ominous and heartbreakingly true.

Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany – by Larry Snyder. I worked as editor, project manager, story consultant, publisher, and marketing support (blog and web site writing, video production)

Picture a tiny village, the smallest place you’ve ever been, a place half way around the world. Tuscany! Inhabited by families whose roots run a dozen generations deep. You pull up stakes, quit your job, and move to that ancient place for a year. No one speaks your language and you don’t speak theirs. Now imagine that despite the language barrier, these people become your dearest friends, an extension of your own family that you return to year after year.

A chance meeting over a shared connection to Italy brought Larry and Jill together. Within months, they suspended their careers, secured visas, and moved to the tiny hamlet of Montanare, Italy. A series of life changing miracles commenced. Embraced by villagers Primo, Francesca, Piero, Rosetta, Amedeo and a tapestry of others, Larry and Jill discovered a new language, participated in cherished customs, and became attached to the land that provided each evening’s dinner. Ultimately, this digitally-driven American couple learned a new human experience that fostered love, whole friendship, family, and spiritual enrichment. This is the experience Larry Snyder chronicles in Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany.

Color Stories: the Short Fiction Coloring Book – by Ethan Yarbrough, Pete Wise, Lyn Coffin, et al.

Color Stories is the coloring book for lovers of story. Color Stories is the fiction anthology for lovers of coloring books. Thirty-two vivid flash- and micro-fiction short stories from Seattle’s Edge of Discovery Writers group are paired with lively and evocative drawings – inspired by the stories themselves and filled with iconic references to Seattle (some obvious, some hidden…can you find them all?) – from Seattle artist Sonja Gerard. Color Stories is a book to excite your mind, your eyes and your heart. Read. Color. Contemplate. Meditate. Just add color and make these tales an expression of your creativity too.

Goal Setting: Move Forward, Get Out of Your Own Way – by Tom Matzelle. I worked closely with the author coaching him in the completion of his manuscript, then editing and re-writing in a collaborative partnership. I project managed the design, publication and distribution.

In Goal Setting professional trainer and performance coach Tom Matzelle reveals how simple actions coupled with true, honest self-assessment can help you turn your dreams into reality by first turning your thoughts into action. In this accessible and essential guide, Tom’s easy, conversational approach, including stories of his own efforts to learn the secrets to reaching goals, will motivate readers to begin acting in pursuit of their visions. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams and individual leaders, Tom shows you how dreams don’t simply come true, they are made true through a plan, a process and consistent effort toward execution.

Think less, do more

Take at least one step toward your goal every day

Know what you want, know why you want it

Don’t just set goals, set the right goals for you at the right time

Tom’s personal stories, simple exercises and challenging questions will echo for you through your own moments of doubt or fear and will motivate you to get off the sideline, off the bench, off the couch and get moving toward achievement.


Strong Heart – by Charlie Sheldon. I project managed the publication of this novel, including copy-editing, proofreading, cover design management, marketing and sales writing, publication and distribution

One stormy May night, just as Tom Olsen is about to leave with his Native American friends to visit his grandfather’s grave deep in Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula wilderness, he answers a knock at his door to find an abandoned thirteen year old girl.

The girl announces her name is Sarah Cooley and that Tom is her grandfather. She tells Tom he lives at the end of the earth. All she sees is dripping forest, tall trees, rain and wind. Astonished, all Tom sees is trouble. He knows he should cancel the trip and deal with Sarah, but when his friends suggest bringing Sarah along, Tom reluctantly agrees, hoping a backpacking trip might teach Sarah some sorely needed lessons about character, responsibility and grit.

All too soon, Tom and his friends have reason to wonder – are they taking Sarah Cooley on this journey, or is she taking them?

Adventure, scientific inquiry, a tinge of mystery, and a hint of the unexplainable infuse this meticulously-imagined tale. In a story matching the breathtaking scope of its Pacific Northwest and North Pacific setting, Sheldon’s tale startles, yet challenges us to think.


I write my own literary fiction in both long and short form. Here is a sampling of some of those works.

Dressing for the Afterlife 

Tracy’s father and David sat together on the couch. Tracy sat in an office chair rolled into the corner. They looked at the carpet. Tracy thought about getting up to turn on the lamp. They sat with only the light from the street and lost sight of each other’s faces.

Stanley – A micro-fiction. A story of a couple and their pet bird in 149 words. Published on HOOT, the postcard review of {mini} poetry and prose.

Bodies In Motion – Short story, short listed and published at FreeFlashFiction.com during February 2013 contest.

She was a slim girl with short blonde hair and dark eyes with candlelight in them and heavy eyebrows that dominated her pale face. She was not beautiful, but thrilling, and Owen, when he looked at her, wanted to keep looking at her.

Househusband – Flash fiction short story, 989 words, published May 2013 at FreeFlashFiction.com.

I turn and see he’s holding Truman’s new Wrist Rocket sling shot. My father-in-law’s idea of a good present. A high powered sling and five hundred ball bearings. I thought it was dangerous, but Art was adamant. “A boy should be able to kill something,” he said.

License – Short Story, published in the literary fiction anthology, Declaration: Stories.

“Is your life exciting?” Baha said.

I looked at Monica again. Our life was not exciting, but I didn’t really want to say that with Monica there. I didn’t want her to take it personally.

“No. Our life is not exciting,” Monica said. “We’re parents.”

This Is Wilderness – Short Story, published in Stratus: Journal of Art and Writing, University of Washington

We found the horse two miles up the trail. Dead on the edge of a meadow.

A deadfall blocked the trail from the meadow and the horse had tried to get over it. But its halter snagged on a branch and the big animal had turned over on itself and either its neck had broken or it had choked to death or both. John cut the halter loose with his knife and the body slumped and slid to the ground on the meadow side of the log. John pocketed his knife and he squatted by the horse’s head and reached to put a hand on its cheek.

I stepped toward him and he spoke to me without looking up.

“You go away from me,” he said. “Now. Go. I don’t care where.”

He sat by the horse a while. When he got up he started walking down the mountain. I followed him all the way back to the ranger station.


In addition to speaking in front of my own company’s employees at company events and training and to our customers at our own hosted seminars, I have been invited to speak at high-profile and prestigious business events around the country. Including:

  • Association of IT Professionals
  • Lake Washington Human Resources Association
  • Innotech Conference — Portland, OR
  • International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
  • Interop IT Conference — New York, NY
  • Microsoft SharePoint Intelligence Conference
  • Microsoft SharePoint Palooza
  • NewComm Forum — San Francisco
  • Northwest Human Resource Management Association
  • Portland Human Resource Association Strategy Conference
  • Social Media Club Seattle
  • Social Media Conference Northwest
  • Society for Human Resource Management — Phoenix, AZ; San Diego, CA

Topics range from integrating social media technology into the collaborative workspace, improving corporate communication with employees, employee recognition and engagement strategies, to entrepreneurship, and how to succeed in starting and building your own business. In every case, my approach is educational, entertaining and enlightening. I enjoy sharing knowledge and being in front of an audience — I’m not even thrown when my mother calls my cell phone half way through the presentation (which really did happen once).



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