This Post Is Not About Baseball


The Seattle Mariners baseball club has been terrible for nearly all of forever. But in 1995 they had a moment. They broke through, made it to the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. Yesterday our local sports channel replayed one of the playoff games from that exciting season. Fifty-six thousand seattlites crowded into the Kingdome — now 14 years a pile of dust — and collectively held their breath as the Mariners fell behind, clawed back to tie, then won on a line-drive Edgar Martinez home run.

As the ball sailed over the centerfield fence the crowd screamed, then roared, then bounced, then hugged, then roared, screamed, danced and hugged some more. The camera panned across the pandemonious throng. Kids, grownups, old people. All agape with wonder at their team’s sudden reversal of fortune. They danced. They danced. They danced.kingdome

That moment is over now. Almost twenty years gone now. And the people in that crowd who shared that day: the kids are all grownups, the grownups are old and the old people are dead.


7 thoughts on “This Post Is Not About Baseball

  1. This was a fun post. I figure if there was a kid in the crowd that day and he was four, which is old enough to enjoy things, then now he is probably 23, which is far from a grown up. But I take your point. Cheers and salutations to you!

  2. It’s like watching an old movie. It’s hard for me to pay attention to the plot when I keep thinking about how all the people on the screen are now dead and gone.

    • They’re so vibrantly alive, the moment is so important to them. It’s a beautiful and tragic thing. People say live like every day is your last. I don’t know how to do that, but I’m grateful for moments like the old baseball game or the old movie that remind me that last moments do come. It slows me down a little bit and makes me appreciate a little bit more. Then I forget again because life demands my attention.

  3. You never know when you’re greatest moment will be. It could be when you’re 12 and you’ve hit the most home runs in your Little League district and you made the all star team. It could be when your in you’re in your 40’s and publish your best work. Celebrate it when it happens.


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