Oh Shit, I Succeeded. Now What?

McCauley Culkin is ShockedThank you to everyone who read, liked, commented on and followed my blog last week. You all are part of what I can tell you was one of the best weeks of my life as a writer up to this point.

This blog has existed in an unlit corner of the internet since I started it a year ago. I’ve picked at it. Posted a few things. Taken long periods off while I thought about what I might want to do with the blog. I lamented the fact that no one was reading what I was writing, but I did recognize that obscurity gave me freedom. I could write what I wanted to — I could be edgy or sentimental, I could be stirring or ridiculous — and who would know? Who would care? I could embrace this space as a sketch pad, a place to experiment and maybe over time a few people would find me and be interested.

Then Freshly Pressed found me. “Get ready,” they said, “for a lot more visitors.” They understated what the experience would be. It was like tying a rope to a rocket. It was like being shot from a cannon. It was like the time when I was 6 and we were dog sitting our neighbor’s Siberian Husky and he saw a squirrel while I was holding his leash and he charged off across the yard and I belly-surfed a hundred yards before I realized I could just let go of the damn leash.

Except this time I don’t want to let go of the leash. I want to continue this ride but remain true to my initial goals for this blog: be free, be experimental, be bold, always be growing as a writer. The challenge for me is to do that — to remain true to myself — now that I know an audience is watching. You’ll see things in the days and weeks ahead that may be very different from the piece that brought you here. I hope you’ll stick with me; keep reading, keep giving me your feedback. It is beyond valuable to me and I am deeply grateful.

I’ve been underground so long as a writer I don’t yet know how to live in the light. But your encouragement in the last week has shown me that this is a good place to be.

Thank you for giving me that experience.


6 thoughts on “Oh Shit, I Succeeded. Now What?

  1. Lovely sentiment. I, too, was Freshly Pressed last week — my post went up immediately before yours. I was crazy grateful for being Pressed, but also happy it presented me the added bonus of discovering your blog. You’re a wonderful writer and I look forward to reading more.

  2. Congrats on getting freshly pressed! And much encouragement to you in staying true to what makes writers essentially writers! I believe blogs exist for that reason among many other reasons: to simply enjoy writing as well as experiment with what really could be a niche you’ve never jumped into before. Keep on going! Will continue to stick around and expect some great things!


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