Writing has been a constant in my life; it’s how I connect to myself, it’s how I contribute to the world. It is me doing good by doing what I do best. I am an empathetic thinker, a dynamic speaker, a creative and precise communicator. I am a good writer because I am a good listener. I hear what you mean to say. When words escape you, I can find them.

I share my own writing on this site–fiction short and long, essays, memoir, musings of all kinds. I am also founder of Iron Twine Press, a small independent publisher dedicated to the love of books and to highlighting other writers whose voices should be heard.


15 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I love checking out the Freshly Pressed – although it sure is a distraction from getting started on your own stuff. Some days are better than others – I don’t always click with our WP hosts’ choices, but I loved your piece – laughing out loud while feeling mortified for you have – and yes, you can write indeed. What a great voice. Look forward to following more. Congrats.

  2. Your words ”I am a good writer because I am a good listener”, are so fascinating.They have created a new sense of perception in my mind.I wish to receive more of your thoughts.


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